Customized electrical power control

for installed audio, video and lighting systems.


Every electrical device is required to be protected by a branch circuit breaker, LynTec uses motorized switch-grade circuit breakers to provide circuit protection AND on/off control in the electrical branch circuit breaker panel – this combination saves space and reduces installation costs!

Pro A/V/L electrical control applications include:

  • Turning LED lighting on and off.
  • Intelligent lighting on/off and reset control.
  • Sequential turn on and off of installed professional audio systems.
  • Remote on/off control and protection of powered speakers, audio amplifiers, PA speakers and other pro audio equipment.
  • Meeting Green initiatives by taking electronics out of ‘stand-by’ mode.
  • Whole panel remote current monitoring (by phase or branch)
  • Easy integration with any TCP/IP, DMX. RS-232 control system
  • NEW!  Optional whole panel current monitoring with alarms.


LynTec has been a leader in Pro A/V/L remote electrical control for over 20 years. Our systems are simple to install, easy to program and ruggedly reliable.

Power control for Auditoriums, Churches, Performing Arts Centers, Schools, Sports Venues & Theaters

Power Control Simplified?

The equation is simple. Main power in + control signal in = controlled branch circuits out.

It's that easy.

One Panel...
Saves Space...
Saves Installation Costs

Motorized circuit breaker panels that combine electrical protection and on/off switching in the same enclosure.

This saves valuable space in the electrical closet and reduces wiring costs.

Built-in electrical brownout protection in every panel.

This feature turns off your system during power outages, which protects expensive electronics from the potential for electrical damage when the power comes back.

Most electrical devices draw electrical current even when they’re turned off or put into standby mode; this is commonly referred to as “vampire power” or "phantom loads".

LynTec can help reduce your electrical costs by turning equipment off at the circuit level.

We're proud to announce two new control options for the RPC!

We have a new RPC app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch availble in the app store. And, LynTec is now an AMX Device Discovery Partner.